Equity Research

Equity Research

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By definition, equity research is the process of analyzing the current valuation of a publicly listed company (listed on stock exchanges like NYSE and NASDAQ) and reviewing the economic aspects like growth rates, GDP, market size and competition.

The role of equity research is to also provide information to the public. Research analysts use their expertise and spend a lot of time analyzing a particular stock, its industry and similar companies to provide potential earnings and valuation estimates. Quality Equity Research is invaluable because it fills potential information gaps so that an individual investor does not need to analyze every stock when deciding whether or not to invest.

Small Cap Digital has a strategic alliance with JGR Capital Partners, an equity research firm in New York City that has a reputation for providing content, in the form of equity research, with a strict focus on fundamentals and valuation. Traditionally, public companies with a market capitalization under $2 billion have struggled to obtain analyst coverage. JGR Capital Partners helps to alleviate this challenge to help smaller public companies generate and maintain investor interest in the long and short term.