Month: March 2017

Why I Hate Friday

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Yes, you read that correctly, I hate Friday.  TGIF is not for me.  If you’re lucky, everyone is checked out by lunch on Friday and it’s almost impossible to get things done.  Most people start planning and talking about their weekend on Thursday!  Ridiculous.  I have worked so many Saturday’s and Sunday’s in my career that Friday has become just another day of the week.

I believe it’s all about having a positive mindset, something I learned from working with my cousin for the last few years.  “Negative is as Negative does.” he used to say, modifying a phrase from the immortal Forrest Gump.  It’s so true.  If you walk in the door with a negative mindset, chances are you are going to have a horrible day.  This is why I look forward to Monday. Most people are ready to work on Monday, or at least they are not talking about what they are doing this weekend.  (Although they may be gabbing about what they did last weekend.)  I actually start prepping for the week on Sunday night, another trick I learned from my cousin.  Come in prepared with a list of tasks that you are going to knock out and Monday’s are a breeze. Before you know it the day is half over and you are wondering where the time went.

Thanks for reading this short little rant and please don’t think about me as a Scrooge or buzzkill. I enjoy the weekends as much as anybody.  There is nothing better than waking up on Saturday and chilling on the couch or going out and visiting friends.  However, when it comes to mind set and how I approach my week, I try to keep a positive attitude at all times and come to work prepared every day.

Is it Monday yet???