Email Content

Email Content

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Creating emails that not only get delivered but that will actually be read is the core of what our email copywriting service is all about.

At the core of any email marketing campaign is…you guessed it, the email itself! The content of the email (or the Subject Line) determines if anyone will eventually engage with your message. Therefore, careful considerations must be taken when deciding what content to include in your email. Spam blockers may even delete your email before it reaches the Inbox if they think it might be an unwanted solicitation or Junk Mail. Avoiding words like “Free” or “Limited Time” in the Subject line, for example, can make all the difference.

Our team has the experience of creating thousands of emails to enhance our clients digital marketing campaigns. Emails are personal and must be treated with care. You only have their attention for a few seconds and you must make an impact! Once you have their attention, you must then be able to engage and nurture them, over time, for the eventual return on your email marketing investment.

Although a lot has changed over the last few years, email marketing is still a very effective tool. Marketing automation, enhanced email security and the explosion of the mobile device have caused more than a few headaches. But with these new advances also come new opportunities. More data regarding your customers and competition, not to mention how your campaigns are doing, have forever altered the email marketing landscape. Marketers are now able to “Zero In” on a prospect and custom tailor their messages for maximum ROI in the shortest time possible.

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