Social Investor Targeting

Social Investor Targeting

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It’s no secret that everyone is online these days. The explosion of mobile devices and the speed at which technology is moving today have changed the world forever. As a result, marketing has also changed dramatically, both online and offline. We are now able to direct attention, whether it be from a magazine ad or a tweet, to an online environment in order to learn more about the consumer. This allows us to engage with the prospect immediately or place them into a “bucket” that allows us to effectively communicate with them in the future.

This is also true in the world of shareholder or investor targeting. By placing a tracking beacon or pixel on a certain website, we are now able to retarget visitors with a follow up email or possibly a paid ad via Google or Facebook. This allows us to hyper target our ideal audience and not waste time, or money, by “spraying and praying” to the masses. This old school approach is both extremely time consuming and highly ineffective.

How our team at Small Cap Digital uses Social Investor Targeting:
  • Obtain a list of known investors.
  • Upload this data to an ad platform.
  • Create a Custom Audience with this data.
  • Use custom audience for a paid Ad campaign.
  • Analyze our results and begin the process again.

In addition, we use Facebook and Google Lookalike Audiences to increase your reach. This amazing tool will analyze the trends and activities of your original dataset and build a similar audience based on these attributes. Please note – the data (email addresses) of the original email list or the Lookalike Audience will NOT be shared with anyone. This relatively new process for targeting allows you the OPPORTUNITY to place your Ad in front of your ideal audience, plain and simple.

68% Men – 32% Women

67% Married

24% Graduate Education

Audience Insights from our one of our Investor databases:
  • 100% based in the United States
  • 68% Men – 32% Women
  • 67% Married (FB average = 41% Married)
  • Grad School = 24% (FB Avg. 8.2%)
  • 41% Management Titles (FB Avg. = 29%)
  • 83% Own a Home (FB Avg. 73%)
  • Finally – over 79% of the people on this list have shown a Behavior towards Investing!
Does this sound like a demographic that needs to see your message?