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digital marketing specialist for public companies

Content + Distribution

Small Cap Digital is a digital marketing agency that specializes in utilizing the latest technologies to build organic, engaged audiences for nano, micro and small cap public companies. We create viral content for your product or service and build active digital marketing channels to strategically distribute and amplify this content.


Web content, social media posts, email marketing and press release writing created to generate the “buzz” you want to attract the attention that you need.

micro cap digital marketing

Responsive website design, Social Media Management and effective Email Marketing will allow you to build a relationship with your new audience over time.

We utilize the latest software and technology to help alleviate some of the everyday tasks typically associated with digital marketing.

We harness the power of the social networks to reach individuals who have shown an interest in investing on Facebook and Google.

equity research for micro caps

Our Research team will provide you with the same detailed coverage (Initiation Reports, Update Notes, etc.) typically only available to large cap companies on Wall Street.

digital marketing specialist

Small Cap Digital has the experience and insights that will allow your company to grow your brand in the short and long term. Contact Us today.

Today’s marketplace demands that you have a brand voice that resonates with your customers & shareholders.

We are solely focused on the underserved nano, micro and small cap public markets.

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